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Are You Ready To Start Making over $100K By Transitioning into a Tech Career?

You're tired of not living up to your full potential, huh?

Listen, there is a better way to create the life you deserve and income you're after without the daily grind or feeling as if it's out of reach, because it isn't.

Transition into a great tech career as a Product Owner, or a

Scrum Master with confidence and earn $100K+ with no experience or college degree! 

Let's Get Started

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Learn how to drive innovation, collaboration, and value creation within your organization.

Seize this opportunity to gain your credentials to become an Agile Leader and make the money you deserve!

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Interested SEO Scrum Master and Product Owner resumes with mock Interviews?

Book a call with AN SEAN

Heeey, I'm Dr. An Sean

Dr. An Sean is an Agile Coach and Delivery Manager with 30 years of corporate experience and has spent the prior 10 years Agile focused. 

Her journey to Agile Coach gave her the opportunity to coach, mentor and train software development teams and cultivate high performance across the organization.



Rasheda, PA

I never knew I could double my income until Dr. An Sean helped change my mindset!

Amani, LA

Dr. An Sean helped me  step into my new role as a project coordinator and gave me hands-on mentoring with agile tools.

Tonya, GA

Dr. An Sean helped me transition into my first scrum master position and I love what I do. Finally getting paid what I'm worth!.

Interested in one of our programs, but not sure where to start?

Book a call with AN SEAN

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