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Purple and Peach Photo Freelance Writer

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I'm Dr. An Sean

One day, God told me to move! Let it go and relocate. I packed up all I had and left New Jersey, headed to Atlanta - that's when my life changed.

I was forced to do things different, pray different and truly walk in my purpose.

The process I used to pull down the manifestation of 6 figures, my new home, debt cancellation and my spouse is the same process I've used for promotions, bonuses, career switches and resources to go to the next level.

In my Journey Series, I'll share my testimony and techniques, as well as invite guest speakers to help you reach your full potential and walk in your purpose!

I struggled for many years! No money, house in foreclosure, bad credit, and low wage job, until...



Claim God promises for debt free living


Understand the power of strategic prayer

And much more!


Being intentional 


Mindset matters

What God Says

“Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another.” 

-Romans 13:8

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Purple and Peach Photo Freelance Writer

Journey to The Altar Q&A Live Broadcast Replay - December 18th .


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